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Thanks for visiting!  I'm Tom Mighell.  I'm a Senior Manager with Contoural, where I help companies deal with their records management and electronic discovery issues.  Prior to being a consultant I worked as a litigator with a Dallas insurance defense firm for 18 years, and I understand how lawyers like to use technology in their practices.  I'm also a technology nut, and I've been a passionate iPad user since shortly after the device came out last year.  I wanted to help other lawyers learn how to use the iPads as a part of their practice, so I wrote iPad in One Hour for Lawyers - it's now in its second edition.  I followed that book up with iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers, where I try to provide a curated list of the top apps that would be useful for lawyers in a number of different categories - Productivity, Reference, Utilities, Travel, and others.  

My latest book, iPad in One Hour for Litigators, discusses how lawyers can use the iPad in the courtroom, at hearings and at trial.

This blog is intended as a companion site for the books, where I can provide the latest tips, tricks on using the iPad, and reviews of apps that lawyers - or anyone, really - can use to be more productive at work and in other areas.  Subscribe to the RSS feed, or keep checking back for regular posts.

Tom Mighell