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Apps of the Week - New and Updated

I'm starting a new feature here at iPad 4 Lawyers, where I provide a list of new and updated apps that came out over the past week.  The new apps I mention without judgment; unless I say otherwise, I haven't tried any of them, but I mention them because they look useful for lawyers, or good iPad apps to have in general.  I'm including updated apps here too, because when I download an update to an app, I often forget to find out if it has any new features - sometimes it's just a bug fix, but sometimes they have added some really cool options. 

New Apps This Week (or New to Me, Anyway)

RichText Edit - from the App Store: "RichText Edit is the first and only writing tool exclusively designed for iPad that can import, edit and save documents in one of the most popular and universal document format: RTF or Rich Text Format.  Rich text documents combine text with formatting information in a way that allows the text in those documents to use any mixture of fonts, font sizes, font styles (bold, italic, underline, color, etc.) and paragraph styles (centered, bulleted, etc.)."

BC Olympics Live Extra - this great free app claims it will stream every single event live from the London Olympics.  Right now you can only view preview videos, but the quality is pretty good so far - let's see how it fares once everyone is trying to watch the action at the same time.  You'll have to view ads to get to the video, but if you're an Olympic fan, this is a must-have app.

Next Issue - this app is being called "Netflix for magazines," and I'm interested to see if it works.  You pay a monthly subscription fee ($9.99 or $14.99), and then you have full access to recent issues of major magazines - right now 21 magazines are available, including Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Fortune, Money, People, Sports Illustrated, Time, and Vanity Fair.  They will hopefully add more magazines soon.  I like the app so far, except for one thing - it's slow.  Some of the magazines take a long time to download (and some of them hang up and don't download at all), and getting back into the magazine when you are coming from another app is very slow.  It's still a keeper for me, at least for now.

Updated Apps:

Adobe Reader

  • Add text to PDFs with the Add Text tool
  • Use forms that have Field Validation, Calculation, and Formatting
  • Organize and manage documents in Reader's improved file organizer - create folders, copy, move, rename, and delete files.

 iA Writer

  • Folder support in local and iCloud storage
  • Trash can in local and iCloud storage
  • Open With... added to Export Menu
  • VoiceOver optimization

 Lexis Advance

  • Ability to view annotations
  • Enhanced navigation for multi-part documents
  • Search across 21 additional content types
  • Numerous new filters for narrowing results
  • Search terms bolded in results list
  • Go directly to document if searching single citation
  • Visual indication that document has been saved to a folder

Mobile Transcript

  • Added server sync for highlights
  • Added support for french trasncripts
  • New email export options


 PDF Expert

  • Faster PDF rendering
  • AutoSync for Dropbox and other storage
  • Support for Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Record audio notes into PDFs
  • Ability to move open notes 

Pocket Informant Pro

  • MAJOR release - too many new features to mention here
  • Themes
  • Assign multiple locations to a context
  • Bookmark locations or see recently-used locations
  • Simple task mode
  • Dropbox backup/restore of settings, audio notes, and database
  • Skip a task recurrence
  • Updates to Google Calendar and Google Tasks functionality

Splashtop 2 - Remote Desktop

  • Added Wake on LAN




  • Changed page swipe
  • Adding and deleting Sticky Notes improved
  • Changed default home page in browser for faster load time
  • New Slide Bar button to be more intuitive

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