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An Update on MS Office on the iPad

Back in February I posted about two new apps that allow you to actually work with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the iPad - OnLive Desktop and CloudOn.  Shortly after that, OnLive ran into a bit of trouble with Microsoft, because it wasn't properly licensing the Windows 7 software that users accessed through the app.  This week, OnLive and Microsoft kissed and made up; OnLive will be running its app on the Windows Server 2008 RS engine, rather than Windows 7.  Some users say it doesn't work as well as a Windows 7 environment - for one thing, the fantastic handwriting recognition tool is not available any more - but I didn't notice anything too disturbing when I tried out the update.

I'm still a big fan of CloudOn, and this week they also issued an update.  Now Box users can connect to the service, and the app also provides support for Adobe Reader - so you can read PDF files within the app. Unfortunately, the Commenting and Signing options have been disabled, so really all you can do is read PDF files.  There are certainly better apps for working with PDF files, but it's nice that CloudOn added this feature.

Have you tried out either OnLive or CloudOn?  Leave a comment and let me know which one you prefer.