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Handling Zip Files on the iPad

We all receive zip files from time to time in email, usually when someone needs to send us a lot of documents all at once.  While it's a pretty easy process to unzip these folders when we receive them on our computer, but the iPad does not have an automatic way to do this.  Fortunately, my go-to app GoodReader ($4.99, download in iTunes) can handle zip files just fine.  Here's how to do it.


  • In the email, press on the zip file and then select Open in GoodReader.  GoodReader will open, and the file will be available in My Documents.

  • There are two ways to open the zip file:
    • Press on the zip file itself.  A message Unzip this file? will pop up - press Yes.  The file is automatically unzipped.
    • Press Manage Files, then select the zip file and press Unzip.  The result will the same.

That's all there is to it!  From now on you'll have access to all of the documents that were stored in that zip file.