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Fun App of the Week: The Civil War Today

Although the main purpose of this blog is to highlight the many ways that lawyers can be productive on an iPad, I also want to cover some of the fun apps I find for the tablet.  This week's fun app is fun, but with an educational purpose.  The Civil War Today is brought to you by This History Channel, and was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of that war.  What makes this app great is that it takes you through the war literally day by day - each day you get new information on what happened that particular day, 150 years ago.  Each day's "newspaper" provides a "This Day in Civil War History" story, a Quote of the Day, Photo of the Day, headlines from a paper somewhere in the country for that day, a featured story, and even a trivia game.  

One of my favorite features is the "A Day in the Life" section, which features diary entries or letters written or received by various people during the war, on both sides.   It's really interesting to read was was going on in these peoples' lives on a daily basis - and reading them all at once each day brings it all together.

I'm also a big fan of the New York Times blog Disunion, which is also following the Civil War day by day, but with substantially longer and more comprehensive content.  Disunion is behind the NYT Pay Wall, so you'll have to pay to read the articles after you use up your 20 free views per month - but The Civil War Today is free, so you can follow the war all the way to its end, four years from now.  Check it out.